S.E.S Eugene’s Ankle Injured During MV Shoot

Eugene‘s ankle injury may cause a temporary disruption to S.E.S‘ comeback activities.

On December 8th, C9 Entertainment spoke on behalf of Eugene and updated fans of her current condition. According to the agency, “Recently, Eugene hurt her ankle while shooting a new music video with S.E.S.” 

The injury may have halted her schedule, especially on S.E.S’ upcoming live broadcasting activities and outdoor filming. It was also stated that Eugene may find it difficult to appear on the eighth season of Saturday Night Live Korea, where they were scheduled to guest star. The agency stated, “The appearance was finalized, but the production team is considering the current situation with the members.” 

Eugene also sent a short statement saying, “To the fans who have been waiting for S.E.S, I’m sorry.” 

S.E.S recently reunited to celebrate their 20th year anniversary since debut. Aside from an album release, the group planned to meet fans through a year-end concert.

Hopefully, Eugene recovers soon to make this reunion possible!

Source: Dispatch