S.E.S. Shoo Prosecuted For Gambling Thousands Of Dollars In Macau

She is facing up to 3 years of imprisonment and up to 20 million won ($18,000 USD) in penalties.

S.E.S’s Shoo has been reportedly been prosecuted for gambling thousands of dollars in Macau.


The star was previously put in the spotlight when it was revealed that she owes 600 million won ($535,000 USD) in unpaid loans, some of which were allegedly used for gambling.

S.E.S. Shoo Confirmed To Be Girl Group Member Who Owes 600 Million Won In Unpaid Loans


An American man, Mr. Park, and a Korean man, Mr. Yoon, had sued Shoo for her unpaid debt of 600 million won, which included 350 million won that was used for gambling. They claimed that Shoo had borrowed money at the Paradise Walker Hill Casino in Seoul from June 2-6 and sued her in July when her debt wasn’t paid off.


The prosecutor concluded that the money Mr. Park and Mr. Yoon lent to Shoo could not be specified and presumed that the three people lent and borrowed money from each other and gambled together.


The Walker Hill Casino is excluded from criminal punishment. Korean citizens are banned from entering casinos with the exception of Gangwon Land but because Shoo holds permanent residency in Japan, exceptions apply.


The prosecutor did, however, judge that it was possible to punish her without exceptions on habitual gambling abroad. As a result, Shoo was prosecuted on charges of habitual gambling on December 27. She was acquitted of her fraud and domestic gambling suspicion.

Shoo is suspected to have gambled thousands of dollars over multiple times since last year at casinos in Macau.


According to criminal law, gamblers are subject to up to 10 million won ($8,900 USD) in penalties but habitual gamblers are subject to up to 3 years of imprisonment and up to 20 million won ($18,000 USD) in penalties.


Meanwhile, Shoo is a South Korean actress and singer who debuted as a member of S.E.S. in 1997. After the group’s disbandment in 2002, she has released solo songs and pursued an acting career. She got married to the basketball player Lim Hyo Sung in 2010 and has also appeared on the program Oh! My Baby with her three children.