Girls’ Alert’s Seulbi Confesses To Panic Disorder And Depression, Thanks Her CEO For His Help

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Girl group Girls’ Alert‘s Seulbi is reported to be undergoing treatment for depression and panic disorder, according to her agency, Roots Entertainment. The CEO personally told OSEN, a news outlet in South Korea, that Seulbi had undergone a hard time and is currently trying to overcome it.

| @seulbya__/Instagram

On the morning of September 16th, Seulbi had left a note on her personal Instagram account confessing that she is struggling with panic attacks and depression. She included that her CEO in particular, touched her with his sincerity, as he wholly believed in her despite this.

| @seulbya__/Instagram

Even as I was hurting myself, our CEO did not pity nor nag me, instead he believed that I would do better in the future, telling me that if I didn’t love myself, it would be hard for others to. He believed in me once again despite tough times, saying that since I was experienced now, it would be easier for me to get through it, and I should overcome things so I can advice others going through similar things as well. He helped to reassure me.

— Seulbi

| @seulbya__/Instagram

Reportedly, she has also started kickboxing as part of her treatment to help recover her physical and mental health. In order to try to help give her a change in mood and indicate a fresh start, she had also cut her hair short and dyed it black.

Although Seulbi is still struggling with it, she is promises to get better soon to greet the fans with a positive state of mind.

Source: OSEN