Seungri Apologizes To BIGBANG, YG Entertainment, And His Fans During Military Trial, Says He Has Been “Reborn”

He apologized to BIGBANG and VIP.

Seungri made it a point to apologize to BIGBANG, YG Entertainment, and his fans during his latest military trial that concluded on July 1 KST.

During the trial, prosecution demanded a sentence of five years in prison and a ₩20.0 million KRW (about $17,600 USD) fine for his nine charges including prostitution, embezzlement, and special assault. The military prosecution made these demands based on the seriousness of his crimes.

For the sake of his economic interests, he entertained foreign investors with sexual favors and maintained their friendship through gambling together. Even though it was cracked down on before, he was operating an adult entertainment venue with no permit for two years, embezzled corporate funds, displayed habitual gambling, and sought personal revenge, all of which are serious crimes.

Even though the defendant has benefited greatly from these crimes, he is passing the blame onto others without reflecting on his actions. The nature of the crimes is not good, and severe punishment is necessary.

— Military prosecution

Seungri’s legal counsel argued that the charges made against Seungri were mostly based on public opinion of him, and that the investigation should only judge whether he is guilty or not through concrete evidence.

This trial is only a threat to force a prominent celebrity to kneel down while shouting at him ‘you know your sins, now reflect on them.’

— Seungri’s legal counsel

Seungri also teared up during his final statement, referring to his former group BIGBANG and agency YG Entertainment.

I have been reflecting on myself for the past three years, and I promise I will be reborn from this.

I am sorry to have caused concern to the people of the country. I’m sorry to my fans, my family, BIGBANG, and YG Entertainment.

— Seungri

Seungri has already denied most charges made against him, stating he did not provide prostitutes and did not illegally film any sexual activities. However, he did admit to violating the foreign exchange act.

Military Prosecution Seeks 5 Years In Prison for Seungri On Prostitution Charges

Source: Sports Seoul and YTN

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