Former BIGBANG’s Seungri Goes To Court – Denies All Allegations Of Mediating Prostitution And Illegal Filming

He denies all charges but one.

Former BIGBANG member, Seungri, was previously charged with various charges including habitual gambling, embezzlement, sex trafficking. Although he was charged with 8 different charges, he had then denied most of them, other than charges of violating the Foreign Exchange Management Act.

Although it has been over a year since these charges were placed upon him, on the 16th of September 2020, Seungri attended his first trial at the General Military Court in Yongin city, on the suspicions of mediating prostitution. As he is currently serving in the Korean army, his trial took place outside of the usual courts in Seoul.

Seungri’s trial this morning saw him through the charges of specific economic crimes such as embezzlement, violation of the food sanitation act, as well as the violation of the act for special practices including sexual violence crimes such as hidden cameras.

Seungri’s lawyer denied habitual gambling charges, claiming Seungri admits that he was gambling, but not habitually. As for the charges on filming and photography, Seungri claimed that it was not photographs taken by himself, and the photographs were taken and shared with the intention of promoting the recreational establishment. For the charges against food sanitation, Seungri claimed that he knew that the city’s bureau had requested changes after an investigation, but his manager, Mr. Lee was in charge of running Monkey Museum.

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For charges on embezzlement, Seungri denied charges, as he claimed that a portion of the funds had been reclaimed from Mr Lee and Mr Hong. Although Mr Lee was involved as Monkey Museum’s manager, Mr Hong acted on his own accord. Despite this, as they were both involved in his businesses, with Mr Hong being Monkey Museum’s regular DJ, Seungri feared the incidents would damage Yuri Holdings, his business, and hence these were registered ultimately as Yuri Holdings’ expenditures.

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Lastly, Seungri denied claims that he was involved in the mediating of prostitution to Taiwanese and Japanese business relations. It is claimed by his lawyer that he did not participate in any sexual acts, and was uninvolved in Mr. Yoo In Suk‘s actions. His lawyer also claimed as these women were not specifically identified, Seungri is legally allowed to exercise his defence rights.

On the other hand, Mr. Yoo In Suk, who is known as actress Park Han Byul‘s husband, previously admitted to charges of embezzlement and prostitution in July. Stay tuned for updates on Seungri’s trial which is still ongoing.

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