Seungri Catches MIXNINE Trainees Lip-syncing During Auditions

BIGBANG’s Seungri caught trainees lipsyncing while auditioning for the talent reality program, MIXNINE… and he wasn’t happy.

Seungri joined Yang Hyun Suk to judge trainees from IME Korea. 

He spotted something rather odd, however, while they were performing their song and dance numbers; he noticed they were lipsyncing! 

He asked, “Are your friends recording these songs? Did you record your own voice?,” and when one of the trainees tried to explain, he added, “Is it even live it all?” 

It was found that it was indeed the trainees’ vocals but recorded on top of the audio just for the audition. 

Yang Hyun Suk could not believe that the trainees thought they could get away with lipsyncing during their audition.

“Okay, this is almost AR level. It was even almost CD level.” 

— Yang Hyun Suk

In the end, they made their decisions on a personal level and picked Sumin as that day’s successful candidate. 

“I just want to like Sumin.”

BIGBANG’s Seungri

As a veteran of the K-Pop stage, it’s no wonder Seungri caught them. Now, only time will tell if he made the right decision regarding Sumin.