Seungri Suspected Of Embezzling Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars From Club Burning Sun

The police have traced funds from Burning Sun.

The police have discovered new facts that indicate Seungri was using Club Burning Sun as a means of money laundering.

While tracing the flow of funds from Burning Sun, the police discovered bank accounts, which they suspected of being fake deposit bank passbooks (passbooks whose owner and user are different), and began an additional investigation on it. During the investigation, 5 of the people whose names were on the fake deposit bank passbooks were summoned and the police obtained a statement revealing that the money (in the fake deposit bank passbooks) were sent to a bank account that was related to Seungri.


According to the investigation authority, the Burning Sun investigation team suspects that the Burning Sun management including Seungri used the fake deposit bank passbooks to use Burning Sun funds for personal use rather than to evade taxes. The embezzled amount that police have discovered so far adds up to tens of millions of won.


Seungri has already been booked for using a portion of the profits from Monkey Museum for his personal use. The police suspect that the cash received by Yuri Holdings, which managed Monkey Museum, was sent to Seungri.

The police plan to additionally confirm where this money went before announcing the results. They suspect that the money could have gone towards Seungri’s luxurious birthday party in the Philippines.

We cannot reveal details but we have completed the case review to prove (Seungri’s) embezzlement charges. (The money) was used for Seungri and former CEO Yoo’s personal use.

ㅡ Police


Meanwhile, Seungri’s lawyer indicated that they will be able to make a statement regarding the issue only after investigations take place.

Investigations on the issue at hand must take place before we understand the content and reveal our statement.

ㅡ Seungri’s lawyer

Source: Joongang Ilbo

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