Seungri Fans Show Support At His Cancelled Concert Venue, Netizens Split In Reactions

They believe Seungri is innocent.

BIGBANG‘s Seungri was originally scheduled to hold his 2019 The Great Seungri Tour in Jakarta, but ultimately cancelled the rest of his tour due to his recent scandal.


Despite it being cancelled, his fans still showed up to the concert venue with signs showing support for him during the highly controversial time.


Other fans began showing their support as well, which soon became a split debate between those who believe it wrong to continually support an idol who’s been accused of multiple criminal acts and those who believe Seungri is innocent until proven guilty by the court of law.


Some fans remain loyal to Seungri, claiming he has yet to be officially charged guilty.


Meanwhile, the other side points out that Seungri has been confirmed to have taken part in the chatrooms. Although the case is still in its investigation stages, many believe Seungri was too involved for all of the news reports to be false.


Seungri is currently being investigated for multiple suspicions of being involved in a chatroom that knowingly promoted prostitution, cohesion with the police, and more. His case has yet to see trial.