Seungri gets unexpected Birthday surprise from BIGBANG members

It has not even been a day since Seungri opened up about the struggles of being BIGBANG’s youngest member and he has already been subjected to more of his members shenanigans. 

Seungri celebrated his 26th birthday on December 12th – the same date as BIGBANG’s album release. On his special day, the bigbang members showed their love in unusual and funny ways.

Each member filmed Seungri’s reaction to their birthday wishes, spouting phrases such as “Happy Birthday, Bro,” and “Dope Birthday”. He was subject to their random birthday message recordings, and the members did not stop until he acknowledged them. They’re too funny!

Happy birthday..

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아 그래?

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The update ended with Taeyang happily revealing that he got a “V” sign from the birthday boy in the end.

Just got a little “V” from him.. that’s enough.. #Happy

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It was a definite treat for their fans on social media to have followed such an interesting greeting on Seungri’s birthday!

happy birthday ??

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