Seungri’s Hair Salon Owner Speaks Up in Defense of Recent Criticism About His Make-Up

“People are starting to believe fake news as the truth.”

The internet went wild when it recently found out that Seungri allegedly received a full makeover before reporting to the police for his investigation involving the Burning Sun scandal. To his defense, the owner of the reported hair salon came forward in an interview with a Korean press company and clarified that Seungri actually did not receive “a full make-up service” and added most of what is being said about Seungri is not true.


The owner pointed out, in contrary to the previous witness report, that “Seungri didn’t receive any ‘colorful’ make-up and he was very cautious about his presence.”

I was surprised to hear that people believe Seungri got a full on makeover before going to his investigation. A lot of the things being said about him is actually not true, so I thought I should clarify.

— Salon Owner


According to the owner, of the hair salon where he did frequent since his debut with BIGBANG, Seungri did stop by to clean himself up a little. The owner commented, “Seungri did not look good at all that day. He simply got a haircut to look a bit more presentable. We covered up the darkness under his eyes with make-up, but that’s about it.”


The owner also added that Seungri, unlike what has been reported by an anonymous witness, actually remained very quiet and cautious the whole time. The salon employees were also careful around Seungri because he “seemed to be having a hard time.” This goes to dispute that Seungri seemed confident.

People are starting to believe fake news as the truth, but that’s not fair. I felt the need to let people know what is and isn’t true.

— Salon Owner


Meanwhile, Seungri is still going through investigations for his ties with the Burning Sun and all related scandals. He has postponed his military enlistment to cooperate with the police, but Koreans remain skeptical at the pace and the depth of the investigations.

Source: Dispatch