Seungri Indicted for Mediating Prostitution, Habitual Gambling, and Violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act

Seungri and Choi Jong Hoon have been indicted without detention.

On January 30, Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office indicted Seungri (30) for mediating prostitution, habitual gambling, and violation of the foreign exchange transactions act, while Choi Jong Hoon (29) was indicted for attempting bribery.

Furthermore, the prosecution requested a summary order from Jung Joon Young (30) as well as 3 others, and Yang Hyun Suk’s habitual gambling case was transferred to Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office.

Seungri has been charged for mediating prostitution at a Christmas party that was held for Japanese investors back in December of 2015, habitually gambling hundreds of millions of won in Las Vegas and making illegal foreign exchange transactions to obtain his winnings.

Source: Daum

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