Seungri Is Being Investigated Again, This Time For Embezzlement Charges

This is his 17th investigation.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency revealed that Seungri is currently being investigated for his charges on embezzlement related to Club Burning Sun. This is the first time he is undergoing investigation for his embezzlement charges.

Seungri’s investigation began at 10 am on May 2.


The police have been investigation Seungri’s embezzlement charges after they discovered 200M KRW ($170,000 USD) in funds from Burning Sun being used for Seungri and Yoo In Suk‘s Monkey Museum brand. Seungri is also suspected of using funds from Monkey Museum and Yuri Holdings for his personal legal fees.


The police have also booked 7 others in relation to this issue including Burning Sun’s former major shareholder and Junwon Industries Chairman Lee and Representative Choi; Burning Sun’s joint representatives Lee Moon Ho and Lee; and Madam Lin‘s Korean guide, Ahn.


Police have also confirmed that an acquaintance of Seungri’s Japanese investor indeed solicited prostitution during his visit to Korea in 2015.

An acquaintance of the Japanese businessman Chairman A solicited prostitution in 2015 during his visit to Korea. However, we confirmed that Chairman A arrived in Korea with his wife and did not discover any evidence of his crime.

ㅡ Police affiliate


After confirming that Seungri used YG Entertainment’s company card to pay for the hotel the Japanese investor’s acquaintance was staying at, police suspected that Seungri was soliciting prostitution for the acquaintance.

Meanwhile, the police are expecting to apply for Seungri’s arrest warrant within this week.

Source: Financial News

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