Seungri Was Reportedly The Manager Of Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom

He ordered the chatroom members on what to do.

Based on the Jung Joon Young‘s group chat records, it is suspected that Seungri was the actual manager of the chatroom.

Seungri ordered the members of the group chat to “leave the room” on a regular basis and is said to have been the one managing the group chats by creating new ones. It is because Jung Joon Young did not leave the group chat in question that the conversations were ultimately revealed to the public.


In this group chat from 2016, the members talked about women in a sexually lewd manner and even used unacceptable terms like “Comfort Women” to describe them. Seungri was also understood to have shared an illegally-filmed video in this chatroom.


Meanwhile, the police have applied for Seungri’s arrest warrant on charges of prostitution solicitation. Jung Joon Young has already been arrested for filming and distributing illegal sexual content and Roy Kim is being investigated for his involvement in the issue. With one month left until his graduation, Roy Kim may be expelled from Georgetown University.

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