Police To Apply For Seungri’s Arrest Warrant

Police will apply for his arrest warrant.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has revealed that they have secured financial transaction records that show Seungri paying large amounts of money to women from adult entertainment centers, soliciting prostitution and will request for his arrest warrant.

According to the financial transaction records secured by the police, the amount of money that was sent to the female adult entertainment employees was just too much to seem like it was just for travel expenses. The police plan on requesting an arrest warrant for Seungri on basis of prostitution solicitation.

Seungri invited 8 employees from adult entertainment centers to his lavish birthday party in Palawan, Philippines. The women provided testimonies to the police stating that Seungri never forced them to have sex with any of the male investors present at the party, and that it was all voluntary on their own part.

However the police believe that even though Seungri did not directly order them to be prostitutes, the fact that the women, who are employees of adult entertainment establishments and can not be considered close friends with Seungri, were invited to the party and had all of their expenses paid for by Seungri is means for prostitution solicitation. It was ruled the amount of money sent to the women was hard to be seen simply as travel expenses, and was their payment in exchange for prostitution. The police are also investigating the exact source of the ₩600,000,000 KRW ($528,457 USD) that Seungri spent on his birthday party.

The police plan to request an arrest warrant for Seungri as soon as the investigations into his alleged prostitution are complete. He has also been charged with distributing illegal footage, tax evasion, embezzlement, and violation the Food Sanitation Act. The police are also considering applying for an arrest warrant for Yoo In Suk.

Source: Sports Chosun

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