Seungri Revealed To Have Paid For 8 Prostitutes To Attend His 2017 Palawan Birthday Party

Police confirmed there were prostitutes.

An exclusive report from Channel A has detailed how Seungri paid for 8 female adult entertainment employees to attend his lavish birthday party in Palawan, Philippines.

Police have been able to confirm though testimonies that 8 female adult entertainment employees were present at the party, and participated in prostitution.

During the course of investigating the female employees, we have been able to secure statements regarding prostitution.

— Police

It was also confirmed that Seungri had paid for the travel expenses for all 8 of the girls to attend the party. The police believe that Seungri paying for their travel expenses was the compensation for the girls to attend the party.

Both foreign investors and new potential investors attended the party, and Seungri used the female employees to help maintain old investors and entice new ones.

Seungri’s legal counsel maintains that he did not solicit prostitution.

The allegations of soliciting prostitution are not true.

— Seungri’s legal counsel

The expenses for the party cost nearly ₩600,000,000 KRW ($527,385 USD), which covered the costs for all of the attendees, from the VIPs to the entertainment girls. In addition, it was reported that Seungri had cocaine at his party.

Source: Channel A

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