Seungri Appoints Lawyer Who Used To Be A Policeman

He is ready to take on all the suspicions against him.

Seungri, who has recently been accused of offering prostitution to his business investors, has appointed a lawyer who used to be a policeman.


According to industry affiliates, Son Byung Ho, the lawyer Seungri has appointed, has 6 years of experience working in various investigation teams with the police.

In 2012, Son graduated from the Law School of Korea University and passed the Korean bar exam. He worked at a large law firm, Lee & Ko, dealing with criminal cases until 2015. He has since joined Hyun Law as a partner lawyer of the Investigation Team.


Last month, Seungri was accused of offering prostitution to his investors after a report released an alleged chatroom conversation between Seungri, his business partner and employee. Thereafter, he voluntarily reported to the police and spent 8 hours and 30 minutes participating in the investigations. He was accompanied by Son Byung Ho at this time.


Immediately after the investigations, Seungri stated that he has completed the investigation as well as all tests that were requested by the Drug Investigations Unit. The reagent testing that was conducted turned out to be negative. Meanwhile, Seungri’s hair and urine samples have been sent to the National Forensic Service for further testing and are expected to take approximately 2-3 weeks for the results.

It has been revealed that Seungri has denied most of the suspicions that have been raised against him. The police have been contacting the media outlet that first reported the news but have not yet been able to obtain the data in question.

We heard that the original copy (of the text message) does not exist. There is nothing that have been confirmed and we are currently making contact to confirm the facts.

ㅡ Police affiliate

Source: News1