Seungri’s Lawyer Claims He Was Tricked, And His Prior Prostitution Scandal Was A Trap

He claims Seungri was tricked and manipulated.

New chat logs revealed that Seungri allegedly solicited prostitution for his business partner back in 2014.

In the chat logs, Seungri named the prices and personalities of the girls, who were numbered, and even provided pictures upon request.

New Chat Logs Reveal Seungri Soliciting Prostitution To Business Partner Back In 2014


Seungri’s lawyer has stated that the messages Seungri sent at this time were a result of malicious questions asked by “CEO A”.

According to the lawyer, “CEO A” had scammed Seungri out of 2 billion KRW ($1,756,319 USD) and Seungri’s messages were a result of his falling for CEO A’s malicious questions.

(CEO A) scammed (Seungri) out of 2 billion won. Seungri sued him for fraud but fell for the questions that were asked maliciously. It seems that (CEO A) meticulously planned the questions to use as a threat if issues arose after committing the fraud.

ㅡ Seungri’s lawyer


In regard to the information about the girls Seungri sent, the lawyer claimed that he used photos of women that were floating around on the internet in hopes to receive his money back and stated that the deal did not take place.

He sent photos of women he didn’t know that were floating around onthe internet. The deal did not actually take place. He only said those things to be in his good books in hopes that he may get his 2 billion won back.

ㅡ Seungri’s lawyer



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