Seungri Officially Ordered To Enlist In The Military

He will not have any special treatment.

Former BIGBANG member Seungri has been officially ordered to enlist in the military.

In early January, it was announced that Seungri had plans on enlisting sometime in mid-February and was awaiting the Military Manpower Administration’s official enlistment date.

On February 4, it was reported that the Military Manpower Administration had sent him his official enlistment notice.

Following the investigation’s conclusion, we have sent Seungri a notice of enlistment to impose a fair military obligation on him. We have continued to express our position of notifying him of his enlistment once the investigation ends, following the same procedures as the general public. When Seungri enlists, jurisdiction will be transferred to the military court according to the related laws.

– Military Manpower Administration

The Military Manpower Administration added that they will not disclose Seungri’s exact enlistment date and army unit.

Seungri may postpone admission before the age of 30 if he has justifiable reasons, but it was reported that it is unlikely that the Military Manpower Administration will accept it.

Source: Naver

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