Seungri Reportedly Enlisting For His Military Duties Sometime In Mid-February

He may be enlisting very soon.

Seungri, a former member of BIGBANG, will reportedly be enlisting for his mandatory military duties sometime near mid-February. Reports claim that his admissions notice for enlistment will be sent out by this week, which means his official date will be a few weeks from today.

Seungri had initially confirmed an enlistment notice back in March 2019 but had to postpone since then due to his numerous accusations of soliciting prostitution, embezzlement, fraud, illegal gambling, and more. Although the police has filed a warrant for his arrest twice, both times have been denied.

The Korean Military Manpower Association plans to schedule his official enlistment date now that the prosecution appears to be concluding investigations into his accusations.

A senior military official explained that they will be notifying Seungri of his enlistment duties as soon as his postponement expires.

We will proceed with notifying Seungri of his active duty when his postponement period expires.

— Senior Military Official


Once Seungri enlists, he will be trained in active duty for five weeks and then handed over to military prosecutors for investigations and court trials.

If the prosecution makes their decision by this week, Seungri will reportedly have to enlist around mid-February and no later than that.

Source: Moonhwa

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