Seungri Officially Requests To Postpone Military Enlistment

He has officially applied for postponement.

Seungri has officially submitted his request to postpone his military enlistment, according to his lawyer, Son Byung Ho.


Seungri’s legal committee released a short statement regarding the request.

“We have completed our application to postpone Seungri’s military enlistment.”

— Seungri’s legal team


Seungri’s application for enlistment postponement was submitted within the allotted time for requests. Since Seungri is currently scheduled to enlist on March 25, he must have submitted his request no later than 5 days before his enlistment, or March 20. The Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration will now be reviewing his request.


If the application is denied, Seungri will enlist as scheduled on March 25. However, there is a chance that even if his application for postponement is denied, that his enlistment will still be delayed. Seungri’s enlistment could still be delayed if there is a criminal investigation carried out against him prior to his enlistment.


Previously, it was reported by the Military Manpower Administration that Seungri had not yet applied for a military enlistment postponement, during the National Defense Committee meeting.

Military Manpower Administration States They Did Not Receive Application For Seungri’s Military Deferment

Source: Sports Chosun

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