This Idol Owns One of Seungri’s Ramen Locations That Makes A Ridiculous Amount Of Money

From friendship to business partnership, Seungri and this idol know what they’re doing!

Seungri‘s widely-successful Aori Ramen franchise restaurant opened a Jamsil branch and it belongs to none other but his good friend, FTISLAND‘s Jonghoon!


Jonghoon recently appeared on a TV show and shared that he is the chief executive of a restaurant.

“I own a branch of Seungri’s ramen franchise restaurant. He’s the boss.”

— Jonghoon


When host Kim Gu Ra worried that the two stars are involved in money matters together, which could end up hurting their friendship, Jonghoon pointed out the location is doing well in terms of sales — so there is no worry about the money.

“It received a lot of attention since opening. It’s doing well.”

— Jonghoon


In fact, Seungri’s Aori Ramen franchises are reported to be making $170K and over in sales per month. As a relatively new location to the brand, that has over 43 store locations worldwide, Jonghoon’s Jamsil branch receives a lot of celebrity guests too. Jonghoon’s fellow FTISLAND members and Sulli have all eaten there.

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Jonghoon seems to have made the perfect investment for his restaurant business!