Rumors Claim Seungri Rented An Entire Island To Party, Seungri Explains

With Seungri’s taste for luxurious parties, it definitely seems possible!

BIGBANG’s Seungri is known to hold some extravagant parties, one of them being his 2015 party, which was themed after The Great Gatsby. 

Taeyang had once said he’d never been to a party that was anything like it and G-Dragon added that it was so fancy, even film festivals wouldn’t go that far.


And as a result of his taste in luxurious parties, a rumor had been spreading that Seungri rented an entire island for his birthday party while the other BIGBANG members were off in the army.


And although the idea sounds like it could be possible for Seungri, he stated that this wasn’t the case. He clarified that he had made the reservations for all his guests at an island resort, which was then misinterpreted into renting the entire island.


He added that he invited all the people he knew to the party as a means of sharing the connections he had with all of his acquaintances.

“I provided an opportunity for all my acquaintances to get to know each other.” ㅡ Seungri


In fact, Seungri not only loves to hold parties, he evidently loves to attend them as well! On an episode of My Little Old Boy, Seungri took Park Soo Hong to a pool party in Bali where the two looked like they were having a blast.


With such a passion for parties, music and people, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Seungri even opened his very own club in Gangnam, Seoul.


Fans can only hope that they will also get a chance to attend one of his exciting parties one day!

Source: Naver TV