Seungri Responds to Past Photo With Accused Drug Dealer at Burning Sun

Seungri released his response.

The Burning Sun club incident has been ongoing for months now, with the latest revelation being that Seungri personally took photos with a woman, known as Aena, who is currently being accused of dealing drugs to other people in the club, while she worked there as a promoter.

Photo Reveals BIGBANG’s Seungri With Woman Accused Of Distributing Drugs At Burning Sun


Seungri began by acknowledging he was in the club at the time, and the woman in the photo asked for a picture together, but the specific details were hazy. But, he did clarify it was a person he doesn’t know.

“I don’t know the person [in the picture]. I was in the club at the time, and she came up to me and asked if she could take a picture with me, so I took one with her. But I don’t really remember exactly what time it was at, or who she was.”

— Seungri


He followed up by saying how pictures he takes with fans often will end up on the internet or shared on other communities, and he doesn’t know everyone who asks for a picture with him.

“The pictures I take with my fans will often end up uploaded on the internet or shared via SNS and other communities. In the club, many people will naturally come up to me and ask for pictures, and I am very willing to take pictures without hesitating or denying requests.”

— Seungri


Aena was accused to have dealt drugs that incapacitated the consumer’s ability to think for themselves and act in a proper manner, and she was also indicted for marijuana usage. Police are currently attempting to locate the whereabouts of Aena.

Source: EDaily

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