Seungri Shares His Thoughts On Military Enlistment and BIGBANG’s Reunion

“I want BIGBANG to come united in front of the fans as soon as possible.”

Fans are aware that Seungri‘s military enlistment is something inevitable and of the very near future. During the press conference for his first solo album release, Seungri confirmed this and shared his thoughts about what it could mean for BIGBANG.


Seungri mentioned early next year, in terms of the estimated time of his enlistment.

“Nothing has been set in stone yet, but I believe I’ll be enlisting sometime early next year.”

— Seungri


When Seungri enlists, that would make all five members of BIGBANG to be away, serving their military duties. Regarding this gap in the group’s promotions, Seungri promised it will be kept as short as possible.

“I want BIGBANG to come united in front of the fans as soon as possible. I want it more than anyone else. I don’t believe for a second it’s okay to have the gap last long.”

— Seungri


Seungri asked BIGBANG fans to stay supportive through the members’ military services and look forward to the group’s comeback.

“I’m planning on enlisting early next year so that I could end the service as soon as possible. I look forward to having all the BIGBANG members reunite. So fans, please keep supporting us and waiting for us. It won’t be too long before BIGBANG will return with a comeback.”

— Seungri

Source: Newsen