Seungri Speaks About YG’s Upcoming Hidden Rookie Artists

Seungri thinks with these rookies, YG Entertainment’s future is bright.

Aside from being the youngest, hippest member of the globally sensational K-Pop idol group BIGBANG, Seungri is also a successful entrepreneur operating several businesses of his own. When he was asked to evaluate YG Entertainment‘s future, as such a business man, Seungri said it is promising.


During the press conference for the release of his first solo album, Seungri shared his thoughts about YG Entertainment.

“I am loyal to YG Entertainment. It’s home to me and I love the agency. You asked about YG Entertainment’s future — I’d say it’s promising. YG has several businesses aside from artist management, like in the industries of restaurants, cosmetics, and sports. All those are centered around “Hallyu (한류, the Korean wave or popularity of Korean culture outside Korea)” and the agency holds high value as a part of this hallyu globalization.”

— Seungri


Seungri then added what actually had YG Entertainment fans excited.

“The agency has yet to reveal them, but YG Entertainment does have an amazing range of talent growing. These guys are going to follow in WINNER, iKON, and BLACKPINK‘s footsteps and succeed tremendously.”

— Seungri


Seungri concluded, “I personally think YG Entertainment has a very bright future.”

“In addition, YG Entertainment’s label YGX is working on discovering new talent. Perhaps YGX would be able to find a great artist YG Entertainment hasn’t seen yet.”

— Seungri


Unfortunately, with YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk being infamous for keeping the artists “in his treasure chest” or “locked away in the dungeon”, fans aren’t too convinced by Seungri’s outlook.

  • “Where’s Lee Hi coming back? Is Jang Hanna still alive? What about CL?”

  • “We don’t need anymore groups to debut. We need you to pay attention to the ones you already have.”

  • “Oh… so when those rookies come out, WINNER and BLACKPINK are probably going back to the dungeon, huh?”

  • “More groups to produce one song per year and one album every other year? Wow, so promising.”

  • “More idols? YG Entertainment is clueless…”
Source: Yonhap and Star News