Seungri’s Military Discharge Is Currently Being Delayed Due To His “Burning Sun” Trials

He was supposed to be discharged 2 weeks ago.

Seungri‘s military discharge is currently being delayed due to his pending trials related to the Burning Sun scandal.

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Seungri was indicted in January 2020, and on August 12, he was sentenced to three years in prison and ₩1.16 billion KRW (about $977,000 USD) in fines. He was charged with a total of nine different offences, including prostitution, prostitution mediation, embezzlement, violating food safety laws, habitual gambling, and violating the foreign exchange law.

Seungri denied eight of the charges, only admitting to violating the foreign exchange law. However, during his first trial, he was found guilty of all nine charges.

Both Seungri and the prosecution filed an appeal on August 19, which also happened to be BIGBANG‘s 15 year debut anniversary. The case has been transferred to the Military High Court for the second trial, and the date has not yet been finalized. Military trials are held in sets of three trials, with the military court handling the first two and the Supreme Court taking the third.

While waiting for the second trial, Seungri’s military discharge is being held back. Since he joined the military on March 9, 2020, he was scheduled to be discharged from the military on September 16. However, he is still considered enlisted as he is awaiting trial.

Following his first trial, he was transferred to the 55th division military police camp. However, he has reportedly been transferred again, this time to the Military Correctional Institution as he awaits his second trial.

An official commented on Seungri’s enlistment status, confirming his military discharge is currently on hold.

I can’t say specific details, but Seungri’s discharge is currently on hold. If he was tried as a soldier in his first trial and sentenced to court custody, then his discharge will be put on hold.

— Military official

Source: Newsen and Star News

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