Fans Try To Guess What SEVENTEEN’s Iconic Comeback Album Title “FML” Really Means


SEVENTEEN just announced their comeback with a new album in April.

While CARATs are excited over the news, they also couldn’t help but wonder what the title means. Many commonly know the term “FML” as shorthand for the term “f*ck my life.” While not entirely impossible, it is highly improbable for an idol group to name their album after a swear word.

So what does FML mean? CARATs have been giving their best bet at guessing. Cute guesses relate it to members…

…others tried every combination possible.

A smart CARAT worked out a clue from their recent fanmeeting, SEVENTEEN IN CARATLAND. During a segment, Wonwoo held a book titled A Class To Find Myself. FML could then be short for “Finding My Life.”

Books used as props by Wonwoo have also historically been spoilers for each comeback. When he held The Way I Love You, their song “Fear” contained the lyrics “The way I love.” When “Boom Boom” was released, fans realized that Wonwoo had been holding the book Hit Me.

We’ll be waiting in anticipation for April 24!