Korean Journalist Under Fire For Portraying SEVENTEEN Fans In A Bad Light During A Collaboration Event At The Apple Store

He has since deleted his tweet.

It was previously announced that SEVENTEEN would be collaborating with the tech giant Apple. For the collaboration, SEVENTEEN will release a new single digitally. The single, “Darl+ling,” will drop on April 15, 2022. Fans can participate in the Music Lab SEVENTEEN Remix campaign by playing with the single on their Apple devices. They can book a session with the Apple Store and get creative.

As the Apple store’s latest branch in Korea opened in Myeongdong recently, fans headed down for an event on April 7, 2022. The boys went down to the store to help promote the collaboration.

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua at the event. | @HONG19951230/Twitter

Fans waited outside for the media presentation to finish before they were allowed in. The staff at the Apple store even provided fans with water. CARATs praised Apple for their consideration and kindness.

They gave us water at the Apple store. Large companies are the best.

— @everyWonwoo_luv/Twitter

However, one of the reporters invited for the media presentation riled up fans. As the media were allowed inside first, fans waited just outside the store for their turn. The reporter snapped a quick picture of the crowd and uploaded it to his Twitter account, an official one linked to his journalist identity. His wording and irresponsible photo angered CARATs.

Although the original tweet has been deleted, fans have re-uploaded screenshots onto online communities. A user of the community theqoo made sure to censor the fans’ faces before uploading the screenshot. It was pointed out that the reporter failed to do so and exposed the fans’ faces online.

Screenshot of the reporter’s tweet. | theqoo

SEVENTEEN fans are crowding outside the Apple store now.

— Journalist

Although the English translation of the tweet sounds okay, Korean CARATs quickly pointed out that it was not the case in Korean. The journalist had chosen words with negative nuances.

The Korean fan explained the difference between two Korean words that both mean “to gather.” The one chosen by the reporter, unfortunately, had a negative nuance. This reinforced the stereotype and bias that fans gather and cause trouble in public spaces. Naturally, fans were angered at this portrayal when they were allowed to be there for a promotional event. Ultimately, his inconsideration of the fans angered CARATs.

Angered fans criticize the reporter. | theqoo
  • “Seriously, what did that reporter think the promotional [event] was for?”
  • “[name of reporter], when will you grow up?”
  • “[name of reporter], seems like you like to take illegal photos.”
  • “This is why people call them trash-journalists.”
  • “Sigh.”
  • “This is why you hear people call you a trash-journalist.”
  • “This is why you hear people call you a trash-journalist. Tsk tsk.”

Although the reporter has taken his tweet down, he did not further address the matter or fans’ fury.

Source: theqoo