SEVENTEEN Bags Grand Awards At Prestigious Chinese Award Show

Very well deserved!

SEVENTEEN claimed two awards at the Asian Music Festival 2019 in China.

The group was announced as the winner for both the Album of the Year award and Asia’s Group of the Year award, which are recognized as the grand awards presented by the show.

Chinese group members Jun and The8 attended the event and received the award in behalf of their fellow members.

They thanked their CARATs in their speech and even posted photos of themselves with the award, saying, “We are thankful to receive these awards. To CARATs, who are always with SEVENTEEN, thank you. We will always be with you too.”

The award was more special because it was received in Jun’s hometown, Shenzhen, China, a place where Jun has always wanted to bring his fellow members to. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend the ceremony.

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN!