SEVENTEEN On Dingo’s “Tipsy Live” Proves They’re The Chaotic Friend Group We All Need

There is so much happening 😂

A few weeks ago it was announced that Dingo Music would have a second season of “Tipsy Live”, which basically shows K-Pop artists getting drunk and enjoying themselves while singing and being generally chaotic.

WINNER was the first K-Pop group to appear on this second season, and fans suspected that SEVENTEEN would be too after some subtle (and not so subtle) hints.

And as expected, it appears that the group has filmed an episode with Dingo that has yet to be aired, but a special teaser has been shared that has Carats cracking up at the members’ antics!

Screenshot of SEVENTEEN on “Tipsy Live”

The clip going semi-viral shows the members singing loudly, already clearly intoxicated. Several of them are dancing as well, including The8, who starts twerking… And leads to his fellow members spanking him.

There are all kinds of different and relatable reactions to the hilarious teaser 😂

SEVENTEEN’s episode on “Tipsy Live”, which is set to be released on September 8 at 7PM KST/6Am EST, is bound to be a hilarious time!