SEVENTEEN’s Dino Explains His Adorable Love-Hate Relationship With Seungkwan

“We bicker in front of the camera, but don’t be fooled…”

SEVENTEEN‘s loveable maknae Dino and talented vocalist Seungkwan are always either at each other’s throats or being the cutest besties! Because there have been several moments between the two, Carats are well aware of the two’s love-hate friendship and it’s become quite iconic!

Dino recently explained his special relationship with Seungkwan in his recent interview with Weverse Magazine. Dino shared that while they may seem to argue a lot on camera, they have a great friendship off-camera.

We bicker in front of the camera, but don’t be fooled. When we’re off camera, we get along well. I like him as one of the members and cherish him as a person.

— Dino

Like everyone else, Dino explained that as the two got older, they of course changed. While their personalities evolved, Dino shared they came to find that they differed in a lot of ways and it caused them to come into conflict many times.

When we first met as trainees we couldn’t live without each other, but as we grew older we discovered our tendencies and our values are completely different. I’m more of a ‘You do you, I’ll do me’ kind of person, but he loves taking care of others, so we actually fought a lot. Like, to the point where we didn’t speak to each other for two months.

— Dino

Despite the arguments and the struggles, Dino shared it was all necessary for him and Seungkwan to get where they are now, great friends.

I think figuring each other out that way led us to where we are today, the way we get a long well now.

— Dino

The two definitely have a loving sibling-like relationship and certainly make an amazing team with SEVENTEEN!

| @pledis_17/Twitter


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