It was named as a song that did not suit him.

It all started in CARATLAND on March 26, 2022. The boys of SEVENTEEN had gone out of their way to treat their fans to a spectacular event. It was one of the first few offline events allowed since COVID-19. As it was a rare opportunity to meet fans face to face, SEVENTEEN had wanted to make things unique. They each performed a song voted as one that did not suit them.

While we saw S.Coups dance to Chungha‘s “Rollercoaster”…

…we also had Jeonghan dancing to Jessi‘s “Coldblooded.”

Fans had a laugh watching the boys dance and rap their hearts out. But a fan favorite was Dino‘s rendition of BLACKPINK Lisa‘s solo debut song, “LALISA.” Needless to say, he completely nailed it!

He started strong and with precision.

| @idealog_211/Twitter 

He rocked the hip-shaking and sass.

| @idealog_211/Twitter 

Finally, he nailed the ending!

| @idealog_211/Twitter 

Fans went crazy for his performance.

They even pointed out that he managed to pull off the choreography well, despite being a boy group member.

Just who voted the song as “not suited” for him? Bring them out ASAP.

| Youth With You 

Be sure to check out his dancing in full glory below.

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