SEVENTEEN’s Dino Goes Viral As The “Ninth Member Of Stray Kids” — And For “Feeling Up” Changbin’s Arms

“So who’s the real stray kid now.”

SEVENTEEN and Stray Kids shared some iconic interactions at the recent 37th Golden Disc Awards, but none quite so memorable as the ones between Dino and Changbin.

Stray Kids’ Changbin

Each group made their fans proud with some next-level performances, but the “Golden Bunnies” (or K-Pop’s ’99-liners) also had their own scene-stealing moments. Consisting of Dino, Changbin, (G)-IDLE‘s Yuqi and TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk, the ’99-liners, whose nickname comes from being born in the year of the rabbit, came out with Dino as their leader.

As they made their entrance, fans immediately pointed out the hilarious difference between Dino and Changbin’s commitment to their “concept…”

…among many other funny moments.

But what had most netizens’ attention was one particular moment between them. When Changbin made to show one of his biceps, it hilariously distracted Dino, who was then unable to resist touching the arm in question.

| @dailyseung2/Twitter

Fans were appropriately obsessed with Dino’s “feeling up” of Changbin’s arms…

…pointing out that it was, in fact, very on-brand for him as a SEVENTEEN member.

Later on, Dino was seen sitting with Changbin and the Stray Kids members instead of sitting with his own group. Fans jokingly suggested that Stray Kids must have taken Dino in after seeing his relatable reaction to Changbin’s bicep…

…or, perhaps after SEVENTEEN “left” Dino there.

Whatever the reason, Dino soon went viral for having turned into the ninth “stray kid.”

And Changbin’s new best friend!

These were definitely some much-needed crumbs—or feast, in fact, as some fans put it.

This is one friendship that we’ll definitely need to see much more of in the future!

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