SEVENTEEN’s DK Rode Bumper Cars With The Luckiest Carat Ever, And We’re All Jealous

Imagine being this lucky!

SEVENTEEN‘s DK once made a fan’s dreams come true at an amusement park!

SEVENTEEN’s DK | @saythename_17/Instagram

SEVENTEEN recently recorded a video called “Let’s Meet SEVENTEEN” for AskAnythingChat‘s YouTube channel. In the video, they answered fan questions about the meaning of the Attacca‘s album name, their favorite moments from the Attacca recording sessions, and when they were first recognized by fans in South Korea.

| AskAnythingChat/YouTube

While the band recounted the times fans recognized them, DK shared a story about the time he was recognized while at an amusement park. He explained that he was there alone, and he rode a lot of rides without anyone recognizing him.

He said he was “having a great time alone,” and he got in line for the bumper cars.

While he was standing in line for the bumper cars, someone asked him if he was SEVENTEEN’s DK.

He told the fan that he was indeed SEVENTEEN’s DK, and the lucky Carat got to ride the bumper cars with him!

Understandably, Carats are jealous of the fan who met DK at the amusement park.

Check out the full video below.