SEVENTEEN’s DK Cracked His Phone Screen In Public & We Can Literally Feel His Pain

Try not to wince!

If you’ve ever known the pain of cracking your phone screen, you won’t be able to look at these photos of SEVENTEEN‘s DK today without wincing!

With SEVENTEEN in the midst of promoting their hit new song, “Rock with You,” the members arrived at KBS headquarters bright and early this morning to record for Music Bank.


But while DK likely started his day excited to show Carats a new stage, things went drastically downhill the moment the members stepped out of their car. One Korean fan showed up to KBS to support the members as they arrived, capturing them on their way through the parking lot.

Did you notice DK bend down halfway through the clip? While it’s hard to see what he was doing on video, fansite preview photos showed what really happened—and it’s totally painful:

| @DD2I8/Twitter

DK dropped his phone—and worst still, it actually cracked. Ouch!

While he didn’t seem to notice the damage at first, we can only imagine his adorably sad pout when he realized what had happened.

Thankfully, while a broken phone would ruin the day for most of us, it didn’t stop DK from giving a stellar performance on Music Bank

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

… culminating in another well-deserved music show win for SEVENTEEN.

| KBS Kpop/YouTube

The cracks also didn’t get in the way of him taking some totally handsome selcas after the show.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

Still, fans are joking on social media that there’s no better time to stream and the group’s new album, Attacca, so DK can secure the funds for a new phone!

Contribute to DK’s replacement iPhone fund here: