Here’s Why SEVENTEEN’s DK Almost Debuted Under The Stage Name “Yongpal”

That would’ve been one heck of a stage name.

On a recent episode of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros, SEVENTEEN‘s DK made the unexpected revelation that he almost debuted under the stage name, “Yongpal” instead.


Ahead of the surprising story, S.Coups confessed that he was originally called a nickname that referred to how much he sulked all the time.

My nickname used to be an acronym of ‘Choi Seung Chul is sulking again.’

— S.Coups

As for Woozi and Hoshi, their original nicknames came true to become their stage names today.

Woozi is an acronym for what people at the agency used to call him…

People at the agency called me ‘Our Ji Hoon’, and that’s where Woozi came from.

— Woozi

And Hoshi refers to his tiger-like gaze.

Hoshi is an acronym for ‘The eyes of a tiger.’

— Hoshi

But DK was actually supposed to debut as “Yongpal”, and he explained why.

I was thinking of debuting as “Yongpal”, which means 8 dragons. I was going to debut with that name because the 8 dragons referred to my explosive vocal ability.

— DK

In the end, DK took the stage name that originally belonged to Mingyu, while Mingyu debuted with his actual name.

Check out the full clip below:


Source: Insight