SEVENTEEN Earns Praise For Their Professionalism After Performing In The Pouring Rain In Jakarta

The group didn’t let a downpour keep them from putting on a high-quality show.

SEVENTEEN is known for their professionalism, talent, and insane synchronization. They continued to prove this with their recent Be The Sun concert in Jakarta, Indonesia.

SEVENTEEN backstage at their Jakarta concert (The8 missed the concert due to flu-like symptoms) | @pledis_17/Twitter

SEVENTEEN went on a 29-show world tour, taking their Be The Sun concert across Asia and the U.S. from June 25 until December 28, 2022.

The group’s tour has had many iconic and memorable moments. From multiple group members’ parents showing up and Dino‘s dad hilariously “stealing the show” during their September 24 Jakarta concert…

…to a lucky Filipino CARAT who received her dream marriage proposal while also attending SEVENTEEN’s show in Manila…

… and, of course, nothing is more memorable than watching the magic of a 7-year K-Pop group giving their all on stage, drawing fans and celebrities alike to see their world tour.

View of SEVENTEEN’s “Be The Sun” concert in Bulacan | @pledis_17/Twitter

SEVENTEENS’s final Be The Sun show took place at Gelora Bung Karno Madya Stadium, an outdoor arena in Jakarta with a capacity of 77,193 seats.

Their final concert marked their third in Indonesia for their Be The Sun tour and gathered many Indonesian fans who were eager to see the talented group for their last 2022 concert.

While CARATs and SEVENTEEN enjoyed the show, the weather wasn’t necessarily on their side as it began to pour during the concert. This didn’t stop the group and the crowd from having a fun-filled night.

SEVENTEEN performing their final “Be The Sun” show in Jakarta | @pledis_17/Twitter

It was difficult for some to see just how much it was raining from clips shared online, but closer clips shared after the concert showed just how severe the weather was as the group performed.

Not only did SEVENTEEN and the CARATs in attendance face heavy rain, but they also withstood strong winds.

Rain during any outdoor performance can create issues, but it’s especially difficult for idols who are expected to sing and dance on a slippery stage.

SEVENTEEN didn’t let the dangerous conditions slow them down as they continued their synchronized and fun-loving performances. Fans praised the group for their professionalism, continuing to perform even as rain poured.

While the conditions may not have been ideal, it was surely a Be The Sun finale to remember.

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