SEVENTEEN Are Whipped For ENHYPEN, And Everyone’s Here For It

Their friendship is one of a kind.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan and ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon previously caught fans’ attention for being an adorable duo as they made a heart together last year. Fortunately for fans, the friendship between the two groups has continued to blossom in recent TikToks that warmed Carats and ENGENEs’ own hearts.

| @tOxXi_O2O9/Twitter

The next idol to take on SEVENTEEN’s “HOT” TikTok dance challenge was Sunoo, who danced with Hoshi. There was one part of the clip that had fans loving their friendship.

As Sunoo showed off his cute charms by smiling and waving at the camera, Hoshi wrapped his arms around him in a warm hug, matching Sunoo’s energy with an equally cute smile. He wasn’t the only ENHYPEN member to make an appearance.

Shortly after uploading that TikTok, SEVENTEEN uploaded another one that kicked off with Seungkwan giving Jungwon a piggyback ride.

It didn’t take Jungwon any time at all to fit in with the two as they all danced the signature choreography. It was the next moment that really caught fans’ attention, though.

Jungwon jumped onto Jeonghan’s back for another piggyback ride, their bright smiles showing just how happy they were. Seungkwan fanning Jungwon to make sure he wasn’t too “HOT” made it cuter.

Hoshi and Seungkwan even had some fun with Music Bank MC Sunghoon. Since fans also noticed that ENHYPEN is one of the few groups that SEVENTEEN talks about, they loved how close the two HYBE groups are becoming.

Whether it’s a hug or a piggyback ride, SEVENTEEN are more than excited to show love to their adorable juniors ENHYPEN. Watch Hoshi and Sunoo be the cutest duo.




And see Jeonghan and Seungkwan playing around with Jungwon.