SEVENTEEN Fans Celebrate The Reveal Of The New “GOING SEVENTEEN” Intro

Only one week to wait!

GOING SEVENTEEN was first released in 2017, and ever since the show first started airing, it’s been making viewers laugh.

Each season has weekly uploads of the SEVENTEEN members doing everything from creating their own fashion shoot.


To playing their iconic version of the common Mafia game “Don’t Lie.”


And even seriously debating whether they’d rather live with a pigeon or as a pigeon for a year.


The episodes always bring guaranteed laughter and have created such a large fanbase that the fans of the show don’t even call themselves CARATS, SEVENTEEN’s official fandom name. Instead, fans of the show, which include fans of other groups who simply enjoy the content, are called Cubics.

And Cubics have been waiting for the new season since the last episode of the 2021 episodes premiered on December 15th, 2021.


But fortunately, there’s only one more week to go before a flood of new content.

And earlier today, the intro for the new season was released on SEVENTEEN’s YouTube channel.

Aside from just general excitement at finally getting to be able to watch their favorite show again.

Fans noticed that the new intro hints at all the episodes from the 2021 season.

With The8 from a “Don’t Lie” episode.

Woozi in the “One Million Won” episode.

And Joshua from a cooking episode.

Fans also loved the galaxy aesthetic of the new intro and speculated that it leaves a lot of room for additions in the closing sequences of each episode.

And, of course, lots of fans are hoping for different styles of episodes, predicting the humor that would come from them.

Like skydiving.

Babysitting children.

An episode inspired by recent popular K-Drama All of Us Are Dead.

Or simply wanting more silly wacky punishments for the members to endure.

But ultimately, fans are just excited that they only have to wait seven more days for the hilarious show to return.

You can watch the new intro here.