What Are SEVENTEEN Fans’ Favorite Jokes By The Editors Of “GOING SEVENTEEN”?

With the show set to return soon, fans are proclaiming their love for the funniest moments.

Thirteen-member boy group SEVENTEEN has long been known for their hilarious antics, and they have only strengthened that reputation since they began posting their online series GOING SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN during promotions for “Rock With You” | @pledis_17/Twitter

The episodes are so popular, in fact, that they have spawned an entire second fandom for the group. While fans of SEVENTEEN are called CARATs, they also have CUBICs, who are non-fans that watch GOING SEVENTEEN because it’s just that funny.

Plenty of the credit for the show’s hilarity goes to SEVENTEEN themselves, but a lot is also owed to the show’s editors, who augment the group’s jokes with their own. This week, fans on Twitter have been discussing their favorite moments created by the editors in preparation for the show’s new season, beginning February 9th.

There are many highly-beloved options.

Like, for example, some of the many times the editors just totally picked on certain members.

Another fan favorite is the times they’ve dubbed over the members’ voices in post.

Of course, among the top favorites are the times the captions directly contradicted the on-screen action.

There are even more moments beyond just these, like when the editors make random observations.

Or when they make unexpected cuts.

The new season of GOING SEVENTEEN is bound to bring with it even more hilarious moments, and fans are sure to walk away with several new favorites over the course of the year.