SEVENTEEN Was Once Put On The Spot By Being Forced To Dance In The Middle Of A Han River Park, But It Was Worth It

Embarrassing…but it eventually helped!

SEVENTEEN is one of the top K-Pop boy groups around. Ever since their debut in 2015, they’ve stunned fans and non-fans alike with their powerful, synchronized performances.

Getting to this stage of professionalism wasn’t easy, however, as they had to go through many trials first! In an interview with Buzzfeed, the members recalled a memory when they were forced to dance during a time they least expected.

While talking about the Han River’s good points for travelers, they recalled when they had fun together as trainees: “Since we’re sharing fun memories about the Han River, I remember that one time before our debut, we were just playing basketball and having fun.”

They were suddenly put on the spot by their company—they had to stop their basketball game to give an impromptu performance! This was all to help them get over their self-consciousness as aspiring K-Pop idols.

All of a sudden, we were told to randomly start dancing there since, ‘We shouldn’t be embarrassed by people’s gazes because one day, we’d perform in front of crowds.’ So all 13 of us started dancing.

— Jeonghan

To make matters worse, it was a difficult dance that did not suit the serene atmosphere of the place. Seungkwan commented, “It was a robot dance performance, too.”

Though it was embarrassing, SEVENTEEN can now look back at the memory with fondness. It even helped them grow as artists just like what the company intended.

I think the one positive takeaway from that was [how] our stage layouts and set-ups change quite frequently, right? So the center mark changes accordingly as well. I think we were able to develop an eye for that early on.

— S.Coups

Check out the full video below to learn more about SEVENTEEN.

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