How SEVENTEEN’s HipHop Team Has Evolved Musically, As Explained By S.Coups, Mingyu, Wonwoo, And Vernon

They get more and more incredible with each new release!

SEVENTEEN‘s hiphop unit (and all of SEVENTEEN as a whole) has been great ever since debut, but there’s no doubt that they’ve grown as artists over the years!

SEVENTEEN’s hiphop unit (Mingyu, Vernon, Wonwoo, and S.Coups) | @svtbillboard/Twitter

The members of the hiphop team (Mingyu, Vernon, Wonwoo, and S.Coups) recently answered fan questions while filming for the group’s YouTube series Dawn Is Hotter Than Day.


One of the fans asked a question about how the hiphop team has evolved since their very first unit song to their latest unit song. The fan asked, “What is the biggest difference between stories you told through the music at first and ones you tell now?”

The unit’s answers to this question proved just how much they’ve grown as artists over the years. Wonwoo explained, “The story we try to tell with each album’s concept differs. I think we just have more methods of expressing those concepts now.” 

Vernon agreed and said, “The stories just differ according to the concept of the albums. I want to think we’re better now than we were back then. Like you said, we’re more expressive and able to show more.”

S.Coups credited the group’s impressive evolution to how relaxed they are lately. He said, “I think we’re just more relaxed.” 

Mingyu summed up the hiphop unit’s growth by saying that their definition of hiphop has widened. “If our genre is hiphop, I think the definition of hiphop or our view of hiphop has widened,” he said.

Mingyu continued, “The breadth of music that we want to do has become so much broader. Earlier in our debut, ‘hiphop’ meant we have to be really good at rap. If that was the focus then, now we just try to do music we can do the best so I think that’s the biggest difference.”

S.Coups totally agreed and said the hiphop team is able to present different sides of themselves now that they’ve expanded their definition of hiphop.

We love seeing SEVENTEEN’s hiphop unit push the boundaries by constantly expanding their definition of hiphop, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from them!

See the full episode of Dawn Is Hotter Than Day below.