SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Blesses Fans With Selfies And Updates From S.Coups

CARATs and S.Coups miss each other so much!

SEVENTEEN‘s S.Coups posted on the group’s official fancafe with updates regarding his health, making CARATs look forward to his recovery and feel secured that the group leader is taking his time to get healthier while on his hiatus.

While on fancafe, Hoshi and S.Coups had a public conversation about their food that they were craving for. S.Coups was smart and took the opportunity to ask Hoshi to treat him out to a meal, to which Hoshi agreed on, with hundreds and thousands of CARATs as witnesses!

That same day, Hoshi surprised CARATs and posted a photo for proof that they both indeed went out to get dinner together! Hoshi even shared that they ate samgyeopsal, with S.Coups also saying that he ate well.

The photo made CARATs cry in tears because it has been a while since fans saw a proper photo of their leader! The last visual they’ve seen of him was very brief when he waved and was panned over in a video that was posted of the members celebrating Dino‘s birthday!

S.Coups looked really healthy and well in the photos that were posted, and CARATs are assured more than ever that he is getting healthier. CARATs are glad to know that he is taking his time to get better, that he is taking care of himself well, and want him to know that they will always be ready for his return when he is, no matter how long that may be.