SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Reassures Fans With Positive Update On His Health

He also mentioned his return.

For about three months, SEVENTEEN has been without their loving leader S.Coups and fans without his bright smile.

Although he’s been missing physically, he still takes the time to stay connected with Carats through their fancafe.

With his two recent posts, S.Coups covered precisely what was on fans’ minds. He hit everyone right in the feels by saying what he’d been feeling about fans, which is how they’ve been feeling about him: “I miss you so much.”

Following those sweet words, he then addressed how worried fans have been ever since he’d went on hiatus, starting back in November. S.Coups tried to soothe those worries by announcing that he’s doing so well that there’s no need for fans to be overly concerned about himβ€”at least not too much.

Since he’s been progressing so well in his recovery, he even mentioned his return. Although he didn’t reveal any specific details, S.Coups reassured Carats that he’ll soon return and show everyone the bright smile they love.

To end the message, he wanted Carats to have sweet dreams and wished them good health.

Whenever S.Coups finishes taking all the time he needs, Carats will be more than ready for his return. Many things in life are important; health is one of them.