SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Blesses Fans By Flashing His Toned Abs

Hoshi’s hours in the gym are paying off.

SEVENTEEN‘s The8 isn’t the only member who isn’t shy about wearing a see-through outfit on stage. Kicking off their BE THE SUN world tour in Seoul, Hoshi not only rocked a see-through shirt but also flashed his abs.


Paired with a black jacket, Hoshi wore a stunning see-through shirt that shined beautifully in the stage light. It also showed a hint of Hoshi’s abs until he gave fans a better view.


Hoshi then wore a cropped shirt that flashed his abs so clearly that many people were left attacked and impressed by the sexy display.

Hoshi wasn’t done teasing fans, either. During another performance, he lifted his shirt to give fans another look at his toned abs.

It looks like Hoshi knows one of the many things fans look forward to at their concerts.

| Weibo