SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Flips Off And “Swears” At The Crowd In LA And They Can’t Get Enough

Everyone lost their minds.

SEVENTEEN joined the likes of Lil Baby, Snoop Dogg, and numerous other musical artists on the first day of the LA3C or Los Angeles, Capital of Culture & Creativity festival held on December 10, 2022.

Many CARATs, SEVENTEEN’s official fandom, were excited to see the boys perform in the same lineup as many other internationally acclaimed artists, but what they didn’t expect was for Hoshi, SEVENTEEN’s performance team leader, to flip off the crowd!

He also surprised CARATs by screaming, “Put your mother-father hands up!” at the beginning of their performance!

It is well-known among SEVENTEEN’s fans that Hoshi can turn from cute to badass in a matter of moments, especially during a performance, but the raw charisma from the idol still caught them off guard! What made the change even more radical was knowing Hoshi had an adorable live broadcast where he ate cereal and talked to CARATs just hours before he went on stage.

Even more than 7 years after their debut, SEVENTEEN still finds ways to evolve and surprise their fans. CARATs look forward to seeing more incredible performances from their favorite group!


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