SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Is Convinced He’s An Introvert, But It Might Not Be So According To The TCI Personality Test

His switch between introvert and extrovert is broken.

According to SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi and his MBTI results, he’s an introvert. However, it’s hard to believe his claims when his personality and presence never fail to fill the room.


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This difference might be because he’s comfortable with his members and not with strangers, but even the way he interacts with people he’s meeting for the first time sometimes comes off as very extroverted and not the least bit shy.

On the most recent GOING SEVENTEEN episode, the mystery between his introverted claims and extroverted perception was made clear, thanks to another personality test, the TCI or the Temperament and Character Inventory. The TCI explores a person’s temperament and character. Temperament is the nature a person is born with and is unlikely to change. Character is made up of the values a person pursues consciously and changes along with a person’s experiences.


First, the Professor went over certain traits they had as a group, giving SEVENTEEN an idea of how they were as a unit before diving into each individual’s personality. Regarding responsibility, the members overall didn’t score very high, and according to the editors of GOING SEVENTEEN, it’s a sign that SEVENTEEN are meant for each other.

The member who scored the highest, contrary to Seungkwan‘s wishes, was Hoshi! Delving deeper, it was more responsibility for himself and not towards others, but as we’ll see later, his sense of responsibility positively impacts the team.

When the Professor started explaining Hoshi’s test results, he immediately addressed Hoshi’s claims as an introvert.

Woozi and Seungkwan were quick to tease Hoshi for all his past claims of being an introvert. Followed by a blunt summary of Hoshi’s nature by the Professor, SEVENTEEN burst into laughter at the accuracy. Perhaps Hoshi really is an introvert, just a very volatile one.

The Professor then explained Hoshi’s character, and CARATs and SEVENTEEN know his explanation is accurate: Hoshi is super hardworking and driven, and he won’t let anything get in his way.

And though SEVENTEEN poked fun at how Hoshi’s responsibility is only towards himself, they ultimately agreed that his sense of responsibility makes him a great leader.