SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Turns Kimchi Into High Fashion After Being Announced As Its New Model

He turned rubber gloves into couture.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi was recently announced as the new model for Jongga Kimchi. A household name, the kimchi brand produces many different types of commercialized kimchi that is sold in supermarkets.

“Congratulations to Hoshi for being chosen as the Kimchi brand ambassador.”

As he is known for his love of kimchi, fans were the first to congratulate him. He’s never let any meal pass without eating it as a side dish. A fan even made a compilation of him enjoying the fermented delicacy.

Jongga Kimchi sponsored a photoshoot with Vogue Korea to celebrate the news. The shoot was infused with elements of the traditional dish. The red hue in this photo reminds one of the gochugaru pepper flakes used to season kimchi.

The theme is red for obvious reasons.

He dons a pair of red leather gloves as he stands amidst a cloud of red powder. Do the gloves look familiar?

Traditionally, one uses rubber gloves in kimchi-making, due to the strong stain it leaves behind.

People making kimchi. | Edaily

Netizens found both news both hilarious and adorable. As Hoshi is known to be such a fan of kimchi, everyone congratulated him on becoming a “successful fan.”

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Ah, so funny.
  • LOL, daebaek. So cute.
  • The kimchi-lover Hoshi became a successful fan. Ah, cute. But the pictorial is so high-quality.
  • It’s not like they need to promote kimchi in Korea, so I think it’s a better idea to call him an “ambassador.” Hoshi’s so cool.
  • Is that Jongga Kimchi? Wow, amazing. Jongga Kimchi is delicious.
  • The cool factor in “Jongga” is amazing…
  • His persistence is amazing. I hope Hoshi and Kimchi both succeed.

Jongga Kimchi has recently been pushed out to overseas markets as well, making Hoshi the perfect model for the job! He’s a globally-recognized star afterall.


Source: theqoo