SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Gains Attention For Uploading A Non-Filtered Photo, Showing His Gorgeous Textured Skin

He’s a confident cat!

2023 is SEVENTEEN’s year for sure. While BSS is sweeping at the 2023 Asia Artist Awards, Jun won the Breakthrough Star Of The Year over at the Tencent Entertainment White Paper Awards.

To congratulate his beloved member, Hoshi took the time to watch the live stream and upload a congratulatory photo for Jun on Weverse.

| Weverse

What caught the eye of some fans was now they could see the texture of his skin clearly. Most idols use filters when taking selfies, or do edits before uploading it. Hoshi went in for a close-up, more focused on his pride for Jun than anything.

| Weverse

Fans praised him for his skin, loving its natural state.

Most think that it is preferable to filters.

While some wondered if he uploaded it by mistake, Hoshi was simply confident about himself. The photos were uploaded with intent.

Skin texture is pretty normal in most people. Idols also have to wear heavy makeup daily, contributing to clogged pores and dried skin.

No, but isn’t all skin like that? I feel like his will be more so because he’s an idol.

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We love Hoshi’s confidence!