SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Exposes Sasaeng’s Harassment During Livestream

“It pisses me off to even respond…”

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi called out a Sasaeng fan during a livestream.

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On November 11, Hoshi held a livestream with fans. During the livestream, the idol warned a Sasaeng not to call him.

If you call, I’ll end the livestream. Don’t call me.

— Hoshi

It turns out that during the livestream, a Sasaeng fan kept calling him. Sasaeng fans are a derogatory term used to call extreme fans who stalk and harass idols. They are known for their extreme behavior, often lurking around idols throughout the day and following them to their schedules and homes.

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On this day, Hoshi warned the Sasaeng fan that he may pursue legal action against them if they continue to harass the idol.

It pisses me off to even respond to them. I can still sue you if you call with an unknown number. The only reason I haven’t sued you is because you might be young (and not know better).

— Hoshi

Hoshi then lamented the Sasaeng for harassing him when he wanted to simply hang out with fans.

I took time out to spend a good time with Carats, so why are you interfering? Do you want to see if you have the right number? You have no manners.

— Hoshi

This isn’t the first time that Hoshi was harassed during a livestream. Previously, an extreme fan kept calling the idol during a prior livestream. At the time, the idol threatened to expose the number if they kept calling. You can read more about the incident in the link below.

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